Always be honest & transparent

Keep the wedding day on pace with the timeline 

Equip you with wedding planning resources 

Provide one-on-one consultations so that you feel prepared in your planning season 

You are going to spend a lot of time with your wedding photographer- 

Pick some one who you guys can  trust and vibe with!

Collaborate with your friends, family, and vendors to make your day & your photos memorable!

Be flexible with unexpected changes

As your teammate, you can count on me to- 

you & me? we're in this together

Get to know me! 

Take a knee,
here's our first game plan.

I love a solid game plan.

Not like the sports kind...
(unless it involves a good half time show or tasty snacks)

(cue High School Musical soundtrack)

I'm on your team.

I mean the gettin' married kind.

I work with my couples to make a great plan, so that they can relax and be fully present on their wedding day. I promise to never leave you in the dark- you’ll always have a game plan from me. 

Check out the pictures from these wedding days, and dream about the day you say "I do!"

Dream about your day

I can't wait to meet ya!

Lemme tell ya about alllll the good stuff in the packages when you get when you book with me. 

Get down to the details

Fill out the info form and I’ll send back personalized packages that fit exactly what you are looking for.

No automated responses, no generic price lists.

Check your inbox!!! I'm not getting down on one knee, but I think you're gonna like this one- Customized photo packages, sample timelines, and answers to your questions- you pick, then we party & plan! 

The second best proposal of your life ;)






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