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Welcome to the wedding industry! This part of the world is full of kind and hardworking people who are honored to be a part of this season of your life. Whether wedding planning is off to a smooth or rocky start, know this: you are seen and cared for by us. Ready to recruit yourself a kick ass vendor team?! Let's do it. 

I'm a Chattanooga based wedding photographer 

I was born in raised in the Chicago suburbs (love the pizza, hate the snow)

I studied Art Education at Illinois State University (where I met my husband!) 

I spent a year working in campus ministry where I discovered a passion for storytelling through photography

Cooking new recipes
ICE CREAM- 'nough said
New Girl
Hiking & camping
Moscow mules
A cute planner and flair pens
Cozy slippers & sweatshirts
the color green
a wedding with a killer DJ


Always be honest & transparent

Equip you with wedding planning resources 

Provide one-on-one consultations so that you feel prepared in your planning season 

Keep the wedding day on pace with the timeline 

Be flexible with unexpected changes

Collaborate with your friends, family, and vendors to make your day & your photos memorable!

you & me? we're in this together

As your teammate, you can count on me to...

(cue High School Musical soundtrack)